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A Vivifier makes drinking water more hydrating for our body, reduces contaminants and increases its vibratory rate.

Plasma Water Vivifier

The Water Vivifier is for permanent installation either at the water entry of the house or under the sink.

The water entering the Water Vivifier is guided through powerful plasma fields. These fields are generated by 6 specimens containing a specific GaNS mixture in various concentrations. On its way the water receives much more energy, will purify itself and get rid of negative memories. It will also change its structure to better hydrate the cells in our body. The water invigorated by Plasma will also better transfer cosmic and telluric energies into our system and raise its pH.

The Water Vivifier is not a filter; it will not remove suspended solids. If your home is connected to the municipal water system, it is wise to install a simple active carbon filter before the vivifier.

How does it work?

The specimens are filled with PL in different concentrations; these create a dynamic plasma field that will invigorate your water. The stronger field (+) will try to feed the weaker one (-), thus creating a dynamic field (red arrows). The water flows through these fields (blue arrows) and loads itself – it will get rid of all the things it doesn’t need and welcome what is missing.

Let us remember that the effectiveness of Plasma depends at 98% on the quality of our intention!


We asked the Seeker Denis Quenneville to check the power of the Water Vivifier with Lecher’s antenna. He obtained the following results: water directly from the tap without any treatment: 10,000 bovis. The filter without the test pieces: 11,000 bovis. The Water Vivifier alone: 200,000 bovis. The vivifier with flowing water: 210,000 bovis. A reference: the material world normally measures 0-20,000 bovis; the ether and emotions 20,000-40,000 bovis. A human being usually shows at 16,000 bovis.


LaPlasm-Ô-jug includes:

  • A jug that contains a glass capsule with a 30% concentration of Liquid Plasma
  • Another capsule with the same PL in 100% concentration; this capsule goes into a stove (not included)

The two capsules with the LP in two different concentrations create the dynamic Plasma field that invigorates the water.


  • Place the 100% capsule in a stove
  • Fill the jug with drinking water
  • Let the Plasma work for at least 15 minutes before drinking it
  • Fill the jug always to the full


Via Sano

Via Sano comes from the expression in Esperanto which means “To your health”.

The Via Sano bottle is inspired by the technology of the Keshe Foundation. It has a volume of 1000 ml and contains a PL Health Antenna (30% concentration) as well as a small container with PL (100% concentration). The dynamic plasma field created in this way adds what is missing to the water and removes what is not necessary or harmful.

Water of Life

The recipe for the mixture: 80% PL-CO2/ZnO + 15% PL-CH3 + 35% PL-CuO

The Water of Life is free for you; you only pay for the shipping.


Follow this link for manufacturing instructions: PlasmO-fab