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Elixir to detoxify the effects of vaccination and to treat nervous system disorders.

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VaccinEX contains 5ml of GaNS


The dosage is 2 càs 1x/day in cold climates and 2càs 1x/2 days for hot climates. This LH can also be used to make it easier to take the vaccine – especially in young children.
It is part of the protocol for the nervous system, along with ZnO and CuO. The elements can also be absorbed in nature. In this case take twice the recommended daily dose.

Indications: All disorders affecting the nervous system: Cerebrovascular Accident, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Cerebral Sclerosis, after brain surgery, Hyperactivity with or without attention disorders, Neonatal Suffering, Poliomyelitis, spinal column trauma, etc..

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