Diatomaceous Earth


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Diatomaceous Earth: cleaning and detoxifying with the help of Nature

The Diatomaceous Earth is made from fossil remains of the shells of sweet water algae; one cellular beings called Diatoms. It is safe for humans, animals and the environment, Diatomaceous Earth is organic silica that has a multitude of uses and healing properties. It contains 99.5% of amorphous silica and less than .5% of crystalline silica.

Why use the Diatomaceous Earth?

The Diatomaceous Earth is a valuable ally in our fight against toxins and dangerous chemicals ubiquitous in our environment. When the Diatomaceous Earth enters the stomach and the intestines, it attracts and absorbs bacteria, protozoa, viruses, endotoxines, pesticides, residues of drugs and heavy metals. Once absorbed, theses contaminants are eliminated from our body through the natural channels.

The presence of silica in the Diatomaceous Earth is vital for the absorption of calcium and also for the production of collagen and elastin qui aide à éviter les rides. It works on the whole set of connected tissues including: cartilage, tendons, ligaments as well as the doubling of the blood vessels. It has been confirmed that silica reinforces the skeleton and the muscles, healing damages and accelerating the healing of fractures. If it is used continuously, it can help to maintain a good digestion.

Le contenu de silice dans cette terre diatomée est vitale pour l’absorption du calcium, ainsi que pour la production de collagène et de l’élastine, qui elle prévient les rides. Il s’agit d’un bloc complet de tissus connectés qui inclut : le cartilage, les tendons,les ligaments et la doublure vasculaire. Il a été affirmé que la silice renfort le système squelettique des muscles, évitant les blessures et accélérant la guérison des fractures. Utilisée en continu, elle peut aider à maintenir un cycle de digestion sain ainsi qu’une richesse de silice et d’autres minéraux bonnes pour la santé.

Advantages :

  • regulates stool
  • eliminates joint pain
  • diminishes cholesterol
  • lowers high blood pressure
  • stabilizes sugar values and raises energy
  • nourishes hair, skin and nails
  • calms the nervous system and deepens sleep
  • helps to loose weight
  • cleans the digestive tract of parasites, detoxifies heavy metals, prevents Candida, soothes Crohn disease

The Diatomaceous Earth is also beneficial for the animals. We suggest to mix it into their food.

Dosage :

Diatomaceous Earth is sold in 1 lbs bags.

Adults: 1 tea spoon full each day of the first 2 weeks; after you can raise de dosage to 1 table spoon. You can mix it in juice, water or smoothies. It is preferable to take Diatomaceous Earth on an empty stomach.

Children should start with a 1/2 tea spoon; progressing to 1 tea spoon after 2 weeks.

Dogs get 1 tea spoon/day if they weigh less than 50lbs; more tan 50lbs: 1 tea spoon and more than 100lbs 1 table spoon per day

Cats get 1/2 to 1 tea spoon per day

Farm animals get 2% of the total dry weight of their food per day