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The Plasma Eye Care help you to treat conditions concerning your eyes.



These eye drops are made to improve your sight and treat cataract and other eye problems. They are made on the basis of LP-CO2 with a small drop of CuO to keep the drops sterile.

We offer 10ml and 100ml bottles.

Do it yourself

Mix the following Liquid Plasmas:

Essential Liquid Plasmas: 

  • PL-CO2
  • PL-ZnO
  • a drop of PL-CuO
Optional liquid Plasmas:

  • PL-Carotte
  • PL-Zéta
  • PL-Amala
  • PL-Niagen
  • PL-VisionFacteurs


You find the descriptions of the LP in this article.


Spread your eyelids apart and insert 2 drops in each eye. Massage the surplus liquid around the eye.

Plasma-View A+B

This protocol helps you to have a better vision and perception of colours. It covers a period of 30 days.

One 10ml bottle with Plasma Vue A mixture (PL-CO2) and one 10ml bottle with Plasma Vue B mixture (1.5ml PL-CO2 + 7ml PL-ZnO + 1.5ml PL-COHN + 1 drop of PL-CuO)


Week 1
Put 2 drops of PlasmaVue-A (PL-CO2) in each eye; massage the excess around the eye.

Week 2+3
Put 4 drops of PlasmaVue-A (PL-CO2) in each eye; massage the excess around the eye.

Week 4
Put 4 drops of PlasmaVue-B in each eye; massage the excess around the eye.

Plasma-View S

This protocol helps you to treat severe vision loss. Do the protocol for 30 days.

A 10ml bottle containing: 6ml PL-CO2 + 3ml PL-ZnO + 1.5ml PL-COHN

Dosage :

Put 4 drops in each eye once a day.


These glasses create a powerful healing field around the eyes, the muscles and the optical nerves. They have 2 parts: the front part contains the weak liquid Plasma mix (30%); the back pipe contains the strong concentration (100%). The 2 concentrations create a dynamic plasma field which surrounds the whole visual apparatus, that can find in this way its natual balance back.

Do it yourself

  1. Get a pair of plastic straw goggles (at amazon.ca); fill the front part with the same mix as the Plasma-View eye drops (concentration 30%); seal both ends with a drop of hot glue.
  2. Detach the pipe of the back and fill it with the 100% mix
  3. Seal both ends with hot glue.
  4. Connect the back pipe to the front goggles with a pipe which has the inner diameter equal to the outer diameter fo the goggles.


You can adjust the linking pipe between the front- and the back-part by cutting it. The PlasmaGoggles should sit not too tight and not too loose on your nose.

You can wear the PlasmaGoggles as often and as long as you like, even during the night (if your sleep is not too agitated). In all Plasma applications outside of the body, the latter has the freedom to take what he needs and leave the rest.


Note: If your eyes have been operated or if you have implants, consult your doctor before using them.


This is a kit to treat your eyes mainly during your sleep.

It containes:

  • 1x blindfolds with two compartments for the mini-patches
  • 1x GaNS-patch, normal size
  • 1x 10ml PlasmaView
  • 1x carry bag

The mini patches and the big patch are inoculated with LP of different concentrations, who create a dynamic Plasma field that will rebalance your visual apparatus.

You can use it during your sleep and/or during you afternoon nap.


  1. Placez le Patch-de-GaNS dans votre oreillier (sous la housse)
  2. Put 2 drops of the PlasmaView in each eye and massage the overflowing liquid around your eye
  3. Place the blindfold over your eyes
  4. Let the Plasma do it’s work

Do it yourself

  1. Get mini zip locs (3cm x 2cm) at dollorama
  2. cut 2 peaces of a fabric so they fit easy into the ziplocs
  3. get a blindfold and sow 2 pouches for the ziplocs on the inside
  4. inoculate the mini-patches with the 30% dilution of the PlasmaView mix and close them
  5. inoculate the normal sized patch with the 100% concentration of the same mix and close it.