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The PlasmaBreather is strongly recommended to help treat chronic diseases. It is also an excellent tool to help you to meditate.


The PlasmaBreather  was developed by Rodrigo Vildosola, M.D.
The PlasmaBreather is made of two tubes, one to contain  LP+GaNS-80% ZnO, and  LP+GaNS-20%CO2. This mix works mainly on the emotional body by the proportions of the plasmas and by the fact that it works on the lungs (emotional organ). We do add PL-tuya (detox) and PL-fir (for the lungs) as well.

The Plasma-Breather can help your meditation, your wish to elevate your soul. 

M. T. Keshe and the worldwide team of doctors suggest strongly to use the Plasma-Breather for all interventions for chronic illnesses, because it is important to not only work on the physical body but also and above all on the emotional body.  Your emotional condition is the main factor controlling health and disease and it is imperative that one nourishes his emotional body in order to prevent recurrence of undesirable physical states.

Follow this link to learn how to make it yourself.

How to use it

It suggested to use the breather tools for 30 to 60 minutes per day. As the mask allows you to breath though the nose, you create a direct connection for the Plasma to reach the center of your brain, the emotional center.


The tubes are meant for long-term and regular use, while the Hookah version is ‘mobile’ for punctual use during work or travel.

  • Plasma-Breather simple – contains 80% LP-ZnO + 20% LP-CO2
  • Plasma-Breather personal – contains LP made with a direction to your DNA (to make this we need a small urine sample – see below)
  • Hookah-Plasma simple – contains 80% PL-ZnO + 20% PL-CO2
  • Hookah-Plasma personal -contains LP made with a direction to your DNA (to make this we need a small urine sample – see below)