Nano Plates


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Nano-Plates are Plasma Superconductors that bring quick relief to muscle and tendon strains and inflammations.

The Nano-plates are 6cm x 10cm. They contain a thin, flexible copper sheet which has been nano-coated and laminated within two flexible, skinfriendly plastic tapes to prevent that your skin comes in contact with the nano-coating. Their flexibility makes it easy to mold them to any part of your body that you want to treat. The Nano-plates have an unlimited Lifetime if the nano-coating stays as it is within its protective cover.





The Nano-plates can be used on their own or in synergy with GaNS-patches and the Health-antenna – all of them are contained in the Self-healing-kit.

To use the Nano-plate alone, place it on the spot which you want to treat. If you want to keep it overnight while you sleep, you can fix it in place by a medical tape. The Nano-plate can heal herniated discs, lumbagos, torsions, tendinitis, etc. Our friend Christian Lamontagne has made excellent experiences with a cervical hernia that prevented him from playing hockey.



The NanoSponge is a nano-coated copper sponge (scrubber sponge). According to M.Keshe the NanoSponge is very well suited to reinforce and revitalize the liver. You simply place it on your belly on the region where your liver is and feel how the liver takes the plasmatic energy to feed itself and to re-establish its balance.

The spone is in a plastic bag; do not take it out or touch it with bare hands!
The NanoSponge can also be used to regenerate other parts of the body or organs – except the head.


If you want to make them yourself, follow this link: PlaqueNano-fab