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GaNS-patches are made of absorbing tissues inoculated with Liquid Plasma – an inexpensive, efficient and flexible self-healing device.

The GaNS-patches are flexible – they easily adapt to any body region. There bigger size compared to the Nano-plates makes them fit to work on larger body regions than the plates. The Patches are an ideal complement to the Health-antennas and Nano-plates; that is why they are very often used together in synergy – especially in the Self-healing-set.

Our GaNS-patches are 17.7cm x 19.5cm (7” x 7.7”) large.



The GaNS-patches are simply positioned on the part of the body that you would like to treat. In this position they transfer their healing energy. If you wish to fix the patch for longer periods on a certain part, you can fix them with a band aid (overnight for example). We suggest to recycle the patch after longer applications because they can absorb negative energies.

Like all other plasma products that contain water, patches cannot be used on different persons because they absorb and store information of the person treated and another person’s system would need to spend a lot of energy to separate the two.

  • Patches are used to resorb tissue (cysts, cancers, etc.); or
  • regenerate tissues (arthrosis); or
  • create an environment that protects certain organs (i.e. the formation of kidney stones for example); and
  • attract missing elements (like Calcium into the bones in the case of osteoporosis).

GaNS-Patches are soft and can be used to work on larger areas than Nano-Plates. Patches are complementary to the HeathAntenna and Nano-Plates. All three of them can be used in the SelfHealing-Kit.

GaNS-Patches can be used on different areas of the body that need energy and treatment. Always plaice the body region between two patches – like a sandwich. You can fix the patches to certain regions with medical tape. If you want to use patches to treat severe diseases, we suggest that you discard patches after a certain time of use because they may absorb negative energies that cause or accompagny diseases.

GaNS-Patches are known to have a balancing effect on the emotions; they assist the flow of lymph and are an excellent agent to alleviate pain and treat infections. Remember that patches work in 3 dimensions; they form a plasmatic torus of 40cm radius.

  • All that is stuck and does not want to move anymore becomes more supple
  • All that is needed to reestablish a balanced state is supplied
  • This technology is benign and works on the basis of unconditional love

The Patches are very useful to treat wounds, burns, belly aches, etc. Do not place patches directly on wounds, put a sterile patch/swab in between. Their efficiency can be more directed when they are used together with Nano-Plates and/or the HealthAntenna. If you would like to increase efficiency and power, you may use different patches on top of each other, placed together in a plastic bag. This technique is very efficient to treat inflammations.

To treat very large areas, you can assemble different patches to create large blankets with the whole body in between them.

Use the Patches with your sensibility – let your body guide you.

Get to know your patches. Hold them in your hands. Watch how you feel.

You can use patches also on plants and animals

You can place a water bottle/glass on a patch, or wrap a patch around them to condition water with Plasma


  • A Patch is personal and cannot be shared between people. Write your name on them and a sweet word (healing or love)
  • if a Patch dries out, it is still active but less strong. when ou see black spots, discard it.
  • the CO2 patches are always cool to the touch; discard when you don’t feel that freshness anymore
  • Do not apply CH3 and CuO on the head and spinal column; do not apply CuO on the lungs
  • do not use patches on metal implants
  • do not open patches

Do it yourself

Follow this link to learn how to make them yourself: PatchGaNS_fab