Food Naturalizer


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This plasma system neutralizes the harmful effects of foods from non-organic production; it can even bring them to a higher energy level than organic foods. The latter lose a lot of their vital energy during transport and storage. The Naturalizer can also be used to remove genetic manipulation from seeds before planting them.

The set consists of two vessels glued together. LP+GaNS-CuO is introduced into the double wall created between the two containers. The PL+GaNS-CO2, which comes in a container, you can multiply infinitely to produce the PL you fill in the inner container. It is the interaction of the plasma between the two liquids that creates the effect.

The Food Naturalizer contains:

  1. a container with double wall and plastic lid; filled with LP+GaNS-CuO
  2. a container with PL+GaNS-CO2 to multiply
  3. a smaller container for processed foods (powder, paste, etc.)


Multiply the PL-CO2

All PL can be multiplied infinitely if you have GaNS (powder). Here is the simple method for multiplication:

  1. Pour the contents of the test tube into a 500 ml masson jar
  2. Fill the jar with distilled water
  3. Shake the jar to mix the GaNS with all the water
  4. Let the GaNS rest and sediment
  5. Use a syringe to take only the clear liquid – never the sediment! – to transfer it to the Naturalizer’s bowl

Use the Naturalizer:

  • To energize food, soak it for a few minutes in PL-CO2
  • Naturalize powders, flours etc. in the small plastic container floating in the PL-CO2
  • To Naturalize liquids, simply place them in a glass in the PL-CO2
  • Soak small seeds for 4 minutes and large seeds for 1 hour or more; note that the soaking time is proportional to the rewind effect