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Plasma-Walk are insoles that take care of tired legs, lower back pain and boost your immune system. 

Do you work much on your feet?… do you walk or run a lot?… and at the end of the day, do you feel fatigue or pain in your feet, your legs or the lower back? These plasmatic soles will help you make it through the day, help you have a working day without pain.

Do you want also boost your immune system? The immune system is controlled and maintained by the bone marrow in the femurs. When you are walking, your heels send a rhythmical stimulus to the bone marrow. The stimulation is important for the good functioning of the immune system. That’s why runners and walkers are generally more healthy than people with a sitting occupation.

“When you look at the lines and fibers of the bone structure, you can understand the impact of walking. The weight, the speed, the vibrations during the walk create changes in the magrav field of the bone’s nanostructures by absorbing or sending out specific plasmatic fields, to produce what the body needs.
This is why we suggest to the older people specially to have a habit of extended walks with a good rhythm – once or twice a week.
When you walk, your food first touches the floor with the heel, then rolls towards the toes. So you create with the pressure and the speed vibrations inside the bones structure. These “waves” are then broadcasted throughout the bone. The informations carried by these frequencies will decide how, in which quality and quantity materials for the body are produced; these materials (nutriments and elements of the immune system) are then transported by the lymph system to the cells and tissues where they are needed – as T and B cells, red and white blood cells etc. In reality the bones are a transformation factory, converting all that the body needs, with the priority for anything that is needed to protect the emotional center of the brain. It makes sure that that the physical part never disturbs the emotional part. That is why
your immune system  is situated in the same structure to act on the behalf of the emotional system via the red blood cells. Now you recognize how much effect the vibration in each bone has on what is produced for each part of the physical system.” (from: Keshe Health Workshop #2, 22/09/ 2014 )

Do it yourself

To make them yourself follow this link: MarchePlasmaWalk_fab