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Magravs Maison spread Peace and a sense of Well-being in the home; they also help to save electrical energy by gradually nano-placing the house.

A Magrav is what you want him to be

According to M. Keshe and Carolina, the Magravs should be treated as living beings with a Soul. Seen in this way they are connected to the Universal Soul, which makes their potential infinite. Our “modern” technology, especially since the industrial revolution, has conditioned us to see technologies as machines or gadgets that are able to do certain things because they are fabricated as such. They comes with a fixed potential that can never evolve.

Magravs, Reactors and other Plasma Devices, however, are actually not limited. They also are made according certain criteria, of which the most important is intention and purpose – what we want them to be. If a Magrav is made with the intention to merely be plugged into the electrical grid of our house to help us reduce our electrical bill; such a Magrav would indeed behave like a “machine”, a mechanical gadget. It would most likely have a meagre performance. Even such a Magrav, produced under much less than perfect conditions, is not doomed to have a disadvantaged life – if he falls into the hands of an evolved, meditative Knowledge Seeker, who treats him as an intelligent living being, he will quickly evolve to his principally unlimited potential.

But if we create a Magrav, on the other hand, with much love and care and a peaceful mind, knowing that a living being is being created, it’s like giving birth to a child under the most favourable conditions. And such a Magav will evolve parallel to our own reaching higher and higher levels of understanding. He can even help us in our spiritual development.

In order to underline this most important aspect, the Magravs made by Plasma-Laurentides, have quite naturally evolved into one-of-a-kind, very artisanal and artistic creations. We make them following our inspiration from the beginning to the end. We even give them names to make them someone to talk to. Actually we are not making them; we follow what they tell us they want to be.

They are all the same price (490.00 CAD for each Magrav et 320.00 CAD for Wish Magravs coming in pairs); so you will not choose them because they are more expensive or cheaper – instead of choosing them, let them choose you!

Technically” they are made reflecting the waves of blueprints that have been proposed by the Keshe Foundation and Knowledge Seekers around the world. These technical specifications do not make them more or less efficient in their performance:

  • First Genaration Magravs with capacitors
  • Magravs with Space Technology winding and connections
  • Liquid Plasma Magravs with submerged coils or tubes surrounding coils

  • Magravs with the tilt of their axes

  • Magravs in circular configuration

We also take the liberty to combine different technical aspects to better be able to follow them.

Technical Versions

  1. The Magrav-3ÉR is a 3-Stage Magrav with Reactors.
    The coils are arranged co-planar; the Magrav is equipped with 4 single plasma capacitors and 4 split capacitors.
  1. The Magrav-3EP is a 3-Stage Magrav, with a Perpendicular coil arrangement
    It is equipped with 4 plasma capacitors (“Friedl” type). This version of the Magrav is equipped with an LED light bulb; it does not need any other loads to operate – you only need to connect it to a wall outlet (the furthest away from the electrical panel in your house).
  2. The Magrav 3EPL is a 3 Stage Magrav in liquid plasma (LP).
    The 3 stages of Magrav are placed in a container, submerged in PL-Magrav diluted 50% with distilled water. It has a test tube in the centre which contains the same PL at a concentration of 30%. It is surrounded by a tube which contains the same PL+ GaNS at 100%. The PL used for this type of Magrav is a mixture of all the GaNS we have made; this mixture has a huge variety of plasma fields.
  3. The Magrav 1ÉSWLP is a Wishing Magrav composed of 1 Stage and Liquid Plasma. The Wish Magravs are on another page: you can find them by following this link.
    This type of Magrav was developed by Jalad (UC Iraq) and is always sold in pairs: you give the first one to someone and place the second one in your house. Thanks to the donation, the first Magrav is stronger and will later feed the second. This type of Magrav is not connected to the network, it works entirely on the Soul level.
  4. The Magrav 3ÉC is a 3 Stage Magrav with the coils arranged in a circular pattern.
    The 3 stages of Magrav are placed in a circle, following M.Keshe’s suggestion that there are no cylindrical forms in the Universe but more round forms. As each double coil creates a torus-shaped field, the 3 coils combine their torus to create an infinite loop. It is surrounded by containers of PL+GaNS for Magravs at 100%; and holds in its center a test tube with the same PL diluted at 20%.


The Magrav is plugged into the house’s electrical outlet at one of the outlets furthest from the electrical panel. Make sure that the phase is connected to the (+) and the neutral to the (-). Connect the loads to the power strip gradually; about 700W at a time. Do not exceed 4 kW. Remember that the efficiency of the plasma depends mostly on your intention.

Available Models


Signification : Joy of the House / Joie de la Maison

Description : 3Stacks-Liquid Plasma Magrav / Magrav à 3 Étages – Plasma Liquide

Dimensions : 45cm x 29cm x 24cm

Poids : 4kg


Signification : Fountain / Fontaine

Description : 3Stacks-Capacitors-Magrav / Magrav à 3 Étages – Condensateurs

Dimensions : 28cm x 25cm x 24cm

Poids : 2.2kg


Signification : Name of a tropical flower / Nom d’une fleure tropicale

Description : 1 Stack-Wish Magrav / Magrav Souhait à 1 Étage

Dimensions : 38cm x 31cm x 21cm

Poids : 2.1kg


Signification : Greek Goddess of the Homes / Déesse Grèque du Foyer

Description : 3 Stacks-Liquid Plasma-Magrav / Magrav à 3 Étages-Plasma Liquide

Dimensions : 15cm x 15cm x 33cm

Poids : 4841g

fragile, pick-up only / fragile, ramassage seulement


Signification : The One who forgives

Description : 3 Stacks-Liquid Plasma-Magrav / Magrav à 3 Étages-Plasma Liquide

Dimensions : 33cm x 33cm x 35cm

Poids : 2.35kg

fragile, pick-up only / fragile, ramassage seulement


Signification : The One from heaven / Celui qui vient du Ciel

Description : 3 Stacks-Liquid Plasma-Spherical Magrav / Magrav Sphérique à 3 Étages-Plasma Liquide

Dimensions : 33cm x 33cm x 65cm

Poids : 4.35kg

fragile, pick-up only / fragile, ramassage seulement


Signification : The Compassionate / Le Compassionné

Description : 3 Stacks-Liquid Plasma-Spherical Magrav / Magrav Sphérique à 3 Étages-Plasma Liquide

Dimensions : 50cm x 35cm x 30cm

Poids : 4.1kg


Signification : Bright moon / Lune Éclatante

Description : 3Stacks-Capacitors-Magrav / Magrav à 3 Étages – Condensateurs

Dimensions : 42cm x 36cm x 32cm

Poids : 3.8kg


Signification : Serves the Benefit of Others /Serviteur au Bénéfice des Autres

Description : 3 Stacks-Liquid Plasma-Magrav / Magrav à 3 Étages-Plasma Liquide

Dimensions : 20cm x 20cm x 40cm; 2013g

Poids : 2.5kg