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The Magrav car reduces the friction and weight of the vehicle, it nanoplates the metal parts, reduces the possibility of accidents and saves fuel.


Magrav creates plasma that will

  • gradually reduce friction,
  • also reduce the weight of your car,
  • nano plating all the wires and bodywork of the car
  • reduce the possibility of accidents
  • make the police nicer

More and more the engine will use gasoline in its plasma form instead of its material form. Savings are a result of all these processes together. Remember that the effectiveness of plasma is mainly based on your intention. Read this article to master your intention to achieve your goals!

The Models

Magrav 1ÉR-V

The Magrav-1ÉR is a Magrav with 1 stack of coils and Reactor (GaNS ball) for Cars.

1x double coil, 1x GaNS ball in the center, 1x plasma capacitor, 1x fuse
Dimensions: 152mm (long) x 152mm (wide) x 50mm (high); weight: 450g

This is the first version of the Magravs for the car. The capacitor and GaNS ball supply the Magrav and the fuse protects against short circuits.


Magrav 1ÉPL-V

Magrav-1É-PL is a Magrav made of 1 stack and Liquid Plasma for Cars.

1x double coil, 1x GaNS ball in the center (30%), 1x GaNS ring around the coils (100%), 1x fuse
Dimensions: 152mm (long) x 152mm (wide) x 50mm (high); weight: 450g

In this version the capacitor and GaNS ball are replaced by the PL container (30%) and the ring with PL+GaNS (100%). These create by their concentration differential a dynamic plasma field that provides energy for the double coil.


Magrav 2SR-V

Magrav 2ÉR-V = “2-Stage Magrav and Car Reactor”

It is composed of 2x double coils, 2x containers with GaNS in two concentrations in the center
Dimensions: 11.5cm (diameter) x 10 cm (height); weight: 925g

Suggested by Pinantan01 on youtube

This is the second version of the Magrav for cars. It makes improvements compared to the first version:

It contains two double reels instead of one
The two coils are not physically connected – only by plasma current. This ensures that a short circuit is not possible; this replaces the fuse (Magrav-1ÉR-V).
The’free’ connection in each double reel is connected to the container with GaNS in the center. There are two containers of GaNS. The GaNS in the two containers are different; they then create a plasma interaction that increases the effect of Magrav.
The magrav comes with a cigarette lighter connection; and it can be installed directly around the battery (the connection cable is included).
The magrav has been connected to 12VDC to ensure that there is no short circuit.

Dimensions: 115mm Ø and 95mm height


All Magravs are installed in the same way. You have 2 ways to connect your Magrav in the car:

you can use the included cigarette lighter socket. If the socket in the car is closed while the engine is not running, the Magrav will not work during this time either.
you can also connect the Magrav directly into the car’s electrical system: the (+) is connected to the battery terminal (+); and the (-) to the chassis or engine block.
Accessories Accessories

Doubler for the cigarette lighter socket

If your car has only one cigarette lighter socket and you want to connect the Magrav and GPS at the same time, you can order a socket doubler here.

Do it yourself

To make them yourself, follow this link: Car Magrav fab