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A Magrav that operates entirely on the Soul level, without connection to the power grid.


The Wishing MaGrav-Wish is built after the original idea of Jalal (Member of the Universal Council). He proposed to build two identical MaGravs, to give the first one to a friend and to keep the second one for yourself. Once the first one has been offered, this gift produces a greater field strength; and then it will feed the second one, which will also increase its performance. That’s why we sell the MaGrav-Souhait in pairs;)

Each of the two Magravs is composed of a double nano coated copper coil; the gravitational terminal ends in a spiral and is glued on a container containing 30% diluted Magrav Liquid Plasma. The magnetic terminal ends in a loop that holds a crystal. The double coil is surrounded by a tube containing 100% GaNS-magrav.

There are many ways to mount the Magrav Wish, in pictures, under glass bells, in a pluche animal…+


This MaGrav does not need to be plugged into the grid. It will work at the plasma level, vibratory level – at the Soul level. Choose a suitable place – where you are often; your communication with the Magrav enhances it’s power.

How it works

The MaGrav-Souhait is not connected to the grid, and there is no load connected either. The MaGrav is completely free of the material level. He has all the time in the world to take care of the spiritual world; he can indeed become your soul mate who listens to you and does everything to make you happy.

As a kindred spirit, MaGrav-Souhait is clearly alive, and it is a good idea to treat it accordingly.

Modèles Artistiques


Signification : Name of a tropical flower / Nom d’une fleure tropicale

Description : 1 Stack-Wish Magrav / Magrav Souhait à 1 Étage

Dimensions : 38cm x 31cm x 21cm

Poids : 2.1kg