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LiquidPlasma+GaNS allows you to multiply your LiquidPlasma infinitely.

In a GaNS production you obtain 2 products simultaneously:

  • The GaNS itself, a kind of ‘powder’ that sediments on the bottom of the container.
  • And the Liquid Plasma (PL) is the clear liquid on on top of the GaNS.

Attention: NEVER ingest or apply the GaNS (the ‘powder’) on the skin!

Your choices:

The 4 basic GaNSes

The 4 basic GaNSes are:  GaNS-CO2, GaNS-ZnO, GaNS-CH3, GaNS-CuO. These GaNS are delivered in a test tube containing 5ml of GaNS.

The Specific GaNS

The SpecificGaNS is made from medications or supplements. When you have the GaNS of a medication or supplement, you do not need to buy the substance anymore; also you may not need to take it in a material form anuymore, which may take out secondary effects. To order a Specific GaNS, please send us a probe of your medication/supplement by mail to the following address:
1671, Chemin du Lac René
Prévost, Qc, J0R 1T0
after reception, we will fabricate the GaNS from your medication or supplement.

The Personal GaNS

The PersonalGaNS is a GaNS which is made in the presence of a urine probe. This procedure allows the GaNS to have a connection with your DNA; so it knows already precicely your condition and the treatement will be more directed. If you wish to order a PersonalGaNS, please send us a urine probe by following he instructions below.

How to send a urine sample?

Take from your morning urine, midstream (discard the beginning and the end) and put it in a small container.

  1. Put a small piece of paper towel into a small ziploc
  2. Pour your urine sample over the paper inside the ziploc
  3. Seal the ziploc and put it in an envelope; send it ot Plasma-Laurentides


All LP can be multiplied infinitely if you have the GaNS (powder) itself. Here is the method for easy multiplication:

  1. Pour the whole content of the test tube into a 1 liter glass jar with a lid
  2. Fill up the jar with distilled water.
  3. Shake it vigorously to mix the GaNS well with the water
  4. Let it sediment completely for min. 12 hours.
  5. Take only the clear liquid from the top via a syringe and a pipe
  6. Versez le contenu de l’éprouvette dans un pot masson 1000ml

The instructions to do it yourself are in this article.

You can also order a GaNS Starter Kit for the 4 basic GaNS here.