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Sleeping on an Atterris Sheet connects your body to the the ground which will neutralize the free radicals in your body which are the cause of cronic inflammations, sleeplessness, etc.

You can watch the history of the developement of the earthing technology in the  “The Grounded Documentary”.


We fabricate the Atterris Sheets for conventional bed sizes: King – 76″wide; Queen – 59″wide; Double – 53″wide; Simple – 36″ wide; they are all 36”long. The sheets contain 15% silver fibers which conduct electicity. On each side of the conductive area there is a piece of 20” in coton which enables you to fold the sheet under the matrass. They also come with a 9′(3m) cord; one end with an alligator clip (to connect to the aluminum spot on your sheet) and the other end with a plug which connects to the ground of a wall outlet. The resistance of the Atterris sheet is around 5 Ohms.

Ground tester

To make sure that your Atterris sheet is performing well, you have to check that the electrical wiring in your house is properly grounded. You can use a ground tester that you find in our shop to do this. If your tester shows you that your wall outlets are not grounded, ask your electrician to fix it. Alternatively you can install a grounding rod (hardware store) outside of your house and connect the grounding wire to it. Then it is also important that your ground is sound; that means that there should be no important currents in the ground which could come up to the grounding wire and harm you. To check this: take a volt meter and measure the potential between the Atterris sheet and the ground in the wall outlet – the value should be below 0.1V (100mV) so you can sleep in peace. The ground can be polluted if there is a factory in your vicinity that consumes a lot of electricity with a neutral to the ground and/or a transformer station of Hydro Quebec.


The Atterris sheet can be place the length of your bed to cover all of your body or only across the bottom part of your bed. When you place it across the bottom part, only your lower legs and feet with touch it – and you probable won’t need to wash it that often. Use the 2 coton flaps to fold them under the matress and plug the earthing wire on the aluminium spot of the sheet and the ground of the wall outlet.

It is important to know that the Atterris Sheet does only work when in direct contact with your skin (no long pyjamas or socks).


Wash by hand with a soft shampoo and let it dry in the air.

Do it yourself

Follow this link to learn how to make your own: Atterris-fab