TransPlasma Cup


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The TransplasmaCup is a tool that transfers the information of a substance or a healthy organ in order to treat a sickness. This simple intervention may prevent surgery or transplantation.


The whole set of the Transplasma-Cup contains:

  • 1x water container to recieve the information
  • 1x LP-CO2
  • 1x LP-ZnO
  • 1x LP-CuO
  • 1x LP-CH3
  • 1x LP-COHN
  • 2x empty GaNS patches

Follow this link to learn how to do it yourself


With aTransplasma-Cup you can transfer informations from nutrients, supplements, medications into water; with this informed water you can make Patches or drink it. You can also transfer the information and structrue of a healthy organ to a sick one.

To transfer the information from a substance, fill the container with distilled water, close the lid and place the substance from which you would like to transfer on top of the lid. Give 12 to 24 hours for the information to transfer from the substance into the water.

For the transfer of information from one organ to another follow these steps (we use the example of a malfunctioning kidney):

  1. Phase 1: Gather the information.
    Place the 
    Transplasma-Cup in direct proximity of the healthy organ (the person is lying on its belly and the cup is placed on his back in the region of his kidneys). The transfer may take 1 hours; during this time all the information, structre etc of the healthy kidney will be transfered into the water inside the container.
  2. Transmit the information
    1. Place the container with the informed water on the region that needs treatment (region of the kidneys in the back) or
    2. Fabricate Patches of different concentrations (100% and 30%) and apply them in front and in the back of the region you want to treat.

Do it yourself

If you want to make it yourself, follow this link: CoupeTransplasmaCup-fab