Cup of Life


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The Cup of Life contains GaNS – inexhaustible sources of energy – that charges the water you drink to heal your diseases in synchronicity with your intention.


While Health Antennas, NanoPlates and GaNS-Patch are used to treat particular areas of the body, the Cup of Life will no longer help to treat diseases that affect your body in general. The Life Cup works at the plasma level and not at the material level. Plasma does 3 things: it recreates the connection, removes what is too much and gives what is missing. This way, there are no side effects or overdose. The body will only take what it needs. Nevertheless, it is a good idea to observe your body’s reactions during and after using the Life Cup – it is a good way to tame plasma!

Cup of Life Versions

  1. The Cup of Life LP (LP = Liquid Plasma) is a double-walled cup; it contains a specimen with a mixture of LP+GaNS in a concentration of 100%. The double wall is filled with the same LP as the test piece but diluted to 30%. The two concentrations of Plasma create a differential, which then generates a strong plasma current between the two poles. The water in the Plasma Life Cup is charged, informed and transformed by this Plasma current; it is no longer material water but has become plasma water. Image on the left
  2. The Cu of Life Cu-np (nano plated copper) contains a nano plated copper plate and PL+GaNS in the double wall. Nano-plated copper acts as an antenna to attract plasma (LP+GaNS) and conduct it into the water in the interior bowl. In this way the water is charged and transformed into plasma water that is able to treat your diseases and ailments. Image on the right
  3. Both versions of the Cup of Life are also available in their personalized form. The GaNS contained in the Cup is made with a sample of your urine – so the GaNS is already targeted on your DNA which makes the Cup more powerful.
  4. The empty Cup of Life is available so you can make your own Life Cup.

For personal versions we need a sample of your urine to make a GaNS targeted on your DNA; to do this: Pont de Vie, 1671 Chemin du Lac René, Prévost, Qc, J0R 1T0, Canada

Do it yourself

Follow this link to learn how to do it yourself: Coupe de Vie-fab