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A Coco-i is a “Condom for Compteurs (electrical meters) ‘intelligents'”. It is an efficient protection device against the harmful radiations emitted by Hydro Quebecs new generation power meters.


The Coco-i consists of the following components:

  • a cylindrical housing made of aluminium coated bubble insulation foil
  • a Faraday cage made from non-painted aluminium mesh (moskito screen)
  • a wire to connect the Coco-i to the ground
  • 4x EMF-shields

A Coco-i is basically a Faraday cage connected to the ground. Generally a Faraday cage is used to protect against electrical and electromagnetic fields. Un CoCo-i est principalement une cage faraday avec une mise à la terre. The Coco-i has been tested by a special meter which detects EMFs as well as by a Lecher Antenna: both of them demonstrated an efficiency of minimum 95%; you find the details of the tests in this article.

The Coco-i2 transforms negative into beneficial frequencies

Coco-i2 operation

The Coco-i2 is the new generation of EMF protection devices. Beyond the Coco-i1 the i2 version does not only block harmful radiation but it is able to transform harmful frequencies into beneficial ones! Plasma-Laurenties has developed this new version together with the Quebec Downser Denis Quenneville. It was our goal to join the first, protective version with the new Plasma technology promoted by the Keshe Foundation: the EMF-Shields.

Installation instruction for the Coco-i

This is as easy as using a conventional condom !

  1. Turn the seal of the meter so you can insert it into the Coco-i
  2. Slide the Coco-i over the meter and push it as far as you can on the metal ring (image below)
  3. the wire for the connection to the ground has a little screw which can easily be fixed into one of the corners of the meter’s metal housing. This housing is made of bend metal, so there are small openings in the corners to do this (image to the right)


Follow this link to learn how to make your own Coco-i: Cocoi-fab