5G Shield


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We live in a world full of radiation of all kinds. Many of them are harmful to our health (physical and mental): cellphones, wifi, microwaves, computers and the so called ‘smart meters’… here is a simple, efficient and very inexpensive way to protect you from harmful radiation – the 5G-Shields.


They consist of an infinity loop made from nano-coated copper, inoculated with LP-CO2. The whole is then laminated between two layers of transparent tape. We suggest not to wear the the 5G-Shield directly on your body, like jewelry – because it may be too strong! You can use it on all your emitting devices:

  • glue it on your cellphone (either only in the back or on both sides of the protective cover)
  • glue it on the housing of your laptop or computer
  • glue it on your Wifi, smart meter (please read this article about the Coco-i, a specialized version for ‘smart meters’), or micro-wave ovens.
  • hang an 5G-shield into the windows to protect your living space against harmful radiation coming from cellphone towers.

You can order 5G-shields in sets of 4. They are good for life.


please follow this link to learn how to make it yourself: BouclierEMF-fab