(Français) 1Cup1Life Plasma Liquide+GaNS


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The Corona Virus is Global challenge for all nations and individuals

The Coronavirus is spreading rapidly across the planet and is  changing the lives of all mankind. It claims far more lives than the nations can and will admit. Entire countries, regions and cities are closing down for fear of spreading and they have no direct solution against the virus. Many people are left completely on their own and there are more and more people and animals being affected daily.

Solution for the Coronavirus: the 1Cup=1Life

The Keshe Foundation is dedicated to solving this global challenge through the application of Plasma Technology and providing solutions for governments as well as for each individual.

With the self-made 1Cup=1Life and the application of the Liquid Plasma produced with it, it is possible for everyone to protect his life and the lives of his fellow men. The field strength of the Plasma Water withdraws the energy from the virus and it depletes the virus from its field strength thus incapacitating the virus.


With 1Cup1Life-GaNS you can create an unlimited amount of liquid plasma. GaNS is only used for multiplication; do not use GaNS directly on the skin or drink it – use only the clear liquid plasma above it!
1. Pour the entire small bottle into a 1 liter glass bottle. Fill the bottle with drinking water, stir and allow to settle (4-12 hours).
2. Pour only the clear liquid above the GaNS into another glass bottle. Use this clear liquid for protocols.
3. Fill the sample with drinking water, shake it and allow it to settle. Continue with point 2.