Nano-coating Kit – fab

True to our slogan When a man is hungry, you better teach him how to fish than give him one, we propose that you do yourself all that you need. In this article you find the instructions to fabricate your plasma tool.

However, if you do not have the time or the motivation or the skill to make them yourself, you can also order them in our WebShop.

Each product is a gift that we have received from the Keshe Foundation and that we want to share with you. The price on the product represents the time and material that we have invested to make the tool for you.


 Do it yourself procedure

Your container should be min. 5 inch (130mm) high, so you can hang MaGrav coils without them touching the grid.

  1. Make a grid (galvanized iron mesh) with all 4 sides bent down so it is about 1-2 cm above the bottom of the container. Connect a electrical wire to the grid. Drill a hole just under the upper rim of the container and stick the wire from the grid through to the outside.
  2. Cut out another piece of the same mesh without the edges bent and fix it to the inside of the lid; connect also an electrical wire, drill a hole in the lid and stick the wire through it to the outside.
  3. Glue a plasma capacitor on the outside of the lid; and connect the wires coming from the 2 grids to it.
  4. This is how it should look like when finished

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