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A Vitalizer that makes drinking water better absorbed by the body cells; it diminishes pollutants and raises its vibrational level.



This water revitalizer is for permanent installation at the incoming water line of your home or under the sink. Plasm-O-total is not a filter, it will not eliminate suspended solids. If your home is connected to the municipal water supply, it is wise to install a simple active carbon filter before the revitaliser.

How does it work?

The incoming water in the Plasm-O-total is guided through a powerful Plasma field which is generated by 6 test-tubes that contain a specific GaNS mixture in various concentrations.  As it passes, the water will receive much more energy, will purify itself, will shed its negative memories and will change it’s internal structure so as to better hydrate the cells in our body. Plasmatically enhanced water will also transfer cosmic and telluric energies more easily into our system and it will raise the pH.

The test tubes are filled with different concentrations of Liquid Plasma (LP); they will create a dynamic plasma field that will condition your water.  The stronger fields (+) will try to nourish the weaker ones (-) thus creating the dynamic field (red arrows) through which your water flows (blue arrows) to be energized.  That is, the plasma will add what is missing and take away what is not needed or wanted.

Remember always that the efficiency of all Plasma devices depends 98% on the quality of you intention!

Do it yourself

  1. Buy yourself a simple cartridge water filter like this on at Canadian Tire for $29.95).
  2. Detach the clear acrylic housing
  3. Get 6 acrylic test-tubes (16mm x 200mm at for $23.99, or from our shop).  Also get yourself a hose adapter (see #3 insert) from plumbing supplies,  1” (25mm) size.  It should fit on the central outlet nipple of the blue filter head. Use hot glue to affix the 6 test tubes around the hose adapter.  When the glue has hardened, you may use an additional tie-wrap to hold the test-tubes in place.
  4. The assembled test tubes form a hexagon. Now fill each second test tube (+) with the Water purification mix, non diluted (=100%). Fill the remaining test tubes with the same mix diluted to 30% (= 1p Mix + 2 parts distilled water).
  5. Install your test tube array in the filtration head; you may use hot glue to fix it.
  6. Put the acrylic housing back and install the revitalizer at the incoming water line of your home or under the sink.

Composition of the LP

Essential mix: 6p LP-CuO+2p LP-CO2+2p LP-ZnO+1p LP-CH3; Optional: 2p LP-Adya clarity

Test Results

We have asked a dowser (Denis Quenneville) to check the Plasm-Ô-total vitaliser with a Lecher Antenna. He obtained the following results: the water straight of a tap : 10.000 armstrong/bovis; adding the filter without the test tube array: 11,000 armstrong/bovis; and the Plasm-Ô-total revitalizer unit alone: 200,000 armstrong/bovis and the unit with the water: 210,000 armstrong/bovis. As references: the material plane has normally a reading of 0-20.000 bovis, the emotional/ether level shows 20,000-40,000 bovis and the human being conventionally has 16,000 bovis.