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Develop your own Plasma Home Oasis with Fab-Shop & Plasma Resources with Aviram

Keshe Knowledge Seekers student since 2015, Aviram has fabricated many devices shared in the teachings. Check out his beautifully made plasma tools to order from his website or order parts and fabricate yourself. Join Cary Kirastar Ellis Host with Aviram, in this open learning environment and create your own Home Plasma Oasis! Using plasma technology for World Peace!

Watch the show here


“On the way towards a World of Peace, where we live free, happy, autonomous and fair!”

You find in our shop the Plasma tools proposed by the community of the Keshe Foundation; but also other products which are of great help. It is our vision to promote the autonomy of everybody; so we encourage you to fabricate what you need, yourself.

If, however, you cannot or you don’t want to make them yourself, we are happy to fabricate them for you; in this case you pay our time and money for the fabrication.

Please get to know our terms and conditions here. 

Because the Science and Technology of the Plasma are in development, we ask for your collaboration: it is really important for the the whole community that you share your experiences and suggestions – we will publish them on the Plasma-Laurentides website and/or in our weekly newsletter.

On the 12th of august 2017, the Universal Council and the Earth Council have signed the WORLD PEACE TREATY on behalf of the leaders of the nations. Plasma-Laurentides support this movement wholeheartedly and joyously!

You may sign the Peace Treaty also. You find the original version here and find the Plasma-Laurentides version here.

As a token of our gratitude, we give away 10% of our sales revenues from the plasma tools to the Keshe Foundation and 10% from other products to the Microfinance organisation Kiva.