“Come with us on the way to a world at peace, free, happy, autonomous and just!”

You will find in our store Plasma tools proposed by the Keshe Foundation community; but also other tools. It is our store’s vision to promote everyone’s autonomy on all levels, so we encourage you to do everything you need yourself! Otherwise, we will be happy to make them for you. Please – find out more about our terms and conditions here.


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En signe de notre gratitude, nous donnons 10% des revenus bruts des outils de plasma à la Fondation Keshe et 10% des autres produits à l’organisme de microfinance Kiva.

Aviram interviewed in the 21 Century Superhuman show

Develop your own Plasma-Oasis at Home with the Fab-Shop and Plasma Resources with Aviram

A student of Keshe Knowledge Seekers since 2015, Aviram has manufactured many devices shared in the Knowledge Seeker’s shows. Take a look at his beautiful plasma tools to order on his website or manufacture them yourself. Join Cary Kirastar Ellis who speaks with Aviram in this open learning environment and create your own Plasma Oasis at home! Plasma technology for world peace!

Watch the show here

On August 2, 2017, the members of the Universal Council and the Earth Council signed the WORLD PEACE TREATY in place of the leaders of the nations. Pont de Vie and Plasma-Laurentides support the movement actively and joyfully!

You can sign the Peace Treaty too.

You find the original version of the Peace Treaty by following this link and you find the Plasma-Laurentians Version by following this link.